Shanee Fox's View of The Color Factory

Shanee Fox's View of The Color Factory

The Color Factory originated in San Francisco and I am so happy it came to New York, so I can have the opportunity to experience it. Pop up museums have been the new crave. They are a bloggers/influencers picture paradise because there are so many photo opportunities/Instagramable moments. However, don’t get lost in taking loads of pictures as there is so much fun to be had and things to learn. The idea of these museums is to create interactive activities for people to enjoy opposed to typical wall art and sculptures. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy those as well, but these pop ups are a bit more fun.

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The Color Factory is an interactive exhibit that displays a collaboration of colored inspired artwork from local New York artist as well as artist from around the world. What makes The Color Factory NY so cool is that the colors used inside and outside of the museum came from everyday things around the city of New York. The team members of The Color Factory explored 265 streets and chose 265 colors that came from moments, experiences, and simple things that inspired them. The colors came from things such as;

1.    New York taxi cab- Yellow

2.    Mums by the bodega at 72nd St.- Lavender

3.    Scaffold cover at a construction site on Prince St.- Forrest Green

4.    Bench outside of Lexington houses on 99th St. -Bright Blue

5.    Harlem Brownstones on 144th- Brown

6.    Lost cookie monster stuffed animal at 104TH St.- Blue

7.    Bike lanes at 17th and Chrystie - Mint Green

8.    $1 pizza by the slice on 25th St.- Red

9.    Manhattan Bridge at – Muted Blue

10. Back of a basketball hoop on 127th St.- Deep Red

11. Pikachu painted on an ice cream truck- Honey Yellow


There are 16 interactive rooms for you to explore. All the rooms are bright and exciting. Not only do the bright colors make you happy but some of the installations make you feel like a kid again. My favorite installations were the balloon wishes, the dance floor, and of course the ball pit. There were also cool treats throughout the museum for you to enjoy, such as different flavored Moochi, macaroons, Sweedish fish and other candy, as well as gelato. The fun doesn’t stop there, after you are done with the museum you receive a map that includes 20 more surprises that you can check out around New York city.



Things You Should Know


1.    Must buy tickets in advance, general admission is $38


2.    Want to go alone? No problem each room has a built-in camera that will take pictures for you. In the beginning you are giving a card with a barcode that you link to your email address. With this card you can scan it before taking pictures so that they automatically get sent to your email address.


3.    Once you go through one exhibit you cannot go back, so take your time stay for as long as you may like.


4.    Although the exhibit has been here for a while it is still very much popular so be prepared for crowds. If you want great pictures you may have to wait a little while to get a clear shot with no photobombers.


5.    They conveniently have a coat check and are willing to hold other things such as bags and strollers.

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