3 Business Strategies You Can Learn From Beyonce

3 Business Strategies You Can Learn From Beyonce
3 Business Strategies You Can Learn From Beyonce by Love, TL Hayden

Beyonce is a straight business gangsta.

Like I said before (in another post) You can either love her or hate her, but you definitely can't knock her craft and her hustle. Here's a few things I've learned from Queen B these past few days that can work for any BAE (Boss and Entrepreneur)

Be Fearless & Confident 

Beyonce has this swag, confidence and attitude of not giving 2 flying cents of what others thinks. She's a risk-taker and she doesn't care if others hate her or love her for it. If something feels right to her, she goes with it. If you don't have confidence in yourself and your business, you can't demand respect from other people and expect them to support you either. Once you think of yourself as a dope business woman, others will follow along. Nope, of course you can't please every body, but those who do latch on to you and your business will become your tribe, ready to support and brag about you whenever they can. You just have to figure out how to bait them. 9 times out of 10 it's all about your personality and the quality of work or services you have to offer.


Beyonce collaborated with Cold Play, Bruno Mars, and if you think about it, the NFL too in order to make this big production happen at the Super Bowl. This created lots of buzz considering each person has their own following. So, collectively they brought a whole lot of people together. You can do this with your business. Find people to collaborate with and advertise the heck out of each other. You can do a pop up shop at someone's retail space, collaborate with other artist or designers to do a seminar, show, product, etc. Beyonce also has a bomb team behind her. I know you don't think she just wakes up and thinks up all these genius level strategies and ideas on her own. Find an accountability buddy, coach, group, or your very own team of people who will help you brainstorm and cheer you on.

Give Something Away For Free & Over Deliver

Beyonce released her video for free! It's similar to a call to action (that little pop up or button) on a website when people give away discounts to their shop or product, or offer free e-books, worksheets, etc. Listen, people love free stuff!! Not only that, but she over delivered by adding a free video on top of that. This created more buzz, more likes, more people talking, sharing and spreading. If you're trying to lead up to something, a special day, or just for potential customers to reach your website, a freebie can give you lot's of exposure.



Permission granted to slay the day ❤

Love, TL Hayden