4 Web Options To Kickstart Your Brand Online

4 Web Options To Kickstart Your Brand Online

I’ve been getting many questions lately on whether one should go with a full website, 1 page website, landing page, or cover page and what’s the difference between each one.

I design each using Squarespace, and they all have something to do with how much content you’re ready to give out. I’ve given these options to clients because some just aren’t ready for a full blown website but still want a branded way to promote their business and a home for all online customers to go.

Full Website

A full website can consist of 5 to 7 pages. It’s content can include pages such as home, about, shop, product pages, services, portfolio, contact, testimonials, booking, subscriptions, events, and a blog.

1 Page Website

A one page website has less content than a full site. You may want to only have a short description about your business with a few photos of your work, a list of the services you offer, contact information, some testimonials, and even a form. It’s up to you. Whatever you decide all this content fits on one scrolling page with a menu bar that can still take readers directly to whatever category they are looking for. In Squarespace, these pages are called “Index Pages”

What’s A Landing Page

A Landing Page is similar to a 1 page site but a little less content. You may only want to talk about 1 to a few product/services. There’s no business description or bio about yourself, just how great your offerings are, a few testimonials (optional but I recommend it), and buy now links or a submission form.


What’s A Cover Page?

A cover page is similar to those “Link Tree” pages you see quite a bit in peoples instagram bio. If you have Squarespace or any website platform already, I always recommend creating one yourself instead of using Link Tree. Why? Because you can brand the page with your own look and logo and keep viewers within your own headquarters. Why send people to a Link Tree page or pay Link Tree $6 for a branded link page when they can just come directly to you. Your cover page can consists of links only or links with a letter or business description. This type of page is used to send any of your followers to any top links you’d like them to visit. I use this type of page especially when my clients website is under construction.

click to view page

click to view page

Because we are apart of a time where people want to gain information quick, there’s several options to choose from to get your business looking professional in the eyes of potential clients and customers. Need a website up quick? Contact me to get set up and started. We’ll talk about your needs and which may be a great fit for you at the moment.

Love, TL Hayden