How To Start A Money Making Blog

Hey BAE's! Today I want to discuss blogging and monetizing your website.

I get asked all the time whether or not one should use a blog to promote their business. My answer, YES! Everyone has an opinion, certain lifestyle, products they love, or just something they can teach others. Any of those can be the basis of your content. Relate the blog to your niche, or pick a topic and continue to write about it. Example, I'm a graphic designer. I help budding entrepreneurs. Therefore you'll find business topics here on my blog related to software, apps, social networks, etc.  You may not like to write, but if you just stick to your personality and who you are, it can become very easy to do.  A blog gives you the opportunity to share yourself and your brands story with others. It can encourage major interaction towards your business.Blogging can also keep your website at the top of search engines and search engines love valuable content! The more you post, the more your website can be found online, which means the more customers/clients are able to find you, get it?A blog is definitely an easy to use tool to share information and NO, you don't have to be a professional writer or designer to have one. I'm no where near a professional writer. In the beginning, I seriously hated blogging, but I knew I had to do it. Not to mention, it's a great way to answer questions that I receive all at once.

Don't know which platform to use? Don't use free WordPress or blogger (not for a monetized blog).

I encourage peeps to use a Hosted WordPress through BLUEHOST. With this link you can get hosting during your first year at about $3.45 per month, with a domain name, and 5 email addresses. That's a big deal, they also offer free 1-click WordPress installation. I use BLUEHOST for my own website and blog, as well as for my clients.  I love it. Plus, it's cost effective for a business owner who is just starting out. I would never tell you, as small business owner, to invest thousands of dollars on a website when you are just getting your feet wet as an entrepreneur, (unless you got it like that). If you want your business to grow, you do have to invest in it a little bit, tho. With a Hosted WordPress website you can do so much more than you would with blogger or regular WordPress. You can use plugins, monetize your site easy and effectively, add a shop at no additional cost, etc.

Once you have hosting and you've installed WordPress, it's easy to pick a theme, design your pages, and start posting. If you need help with designing your website or blog, contact me or you can even use someone on Fiverr (but, make sure they are a great fit for what you need).