Macarons And Mimosas' Premade Logos and Branding

Macarons And Mimosas' Premade Logos and Branding

I stumbled upon Macarons and Mimosas this week, while curating some logo ideas for a few clients. I visited their shop and took a look at all their feminine logos and fell in love. The rose golds, gold foil textures, and the calligraphy fonts stole my heart so much I had to make Macarons and Mimosas part of my directory for all my fellow bossbabes. Macarons and Mimosas is a boutiqe design studio in Las Vegas, created by Lindsay, a designer and brand stylist. She has branding service packages ranging from $185 to $1200 but if you’re on a budget she offers premade quality designs too.

The pre-made branding designs you’ll find around here are not only gorgeous and budget friendly but time-saving as well if you’re looking to get your business/brand in the face of others pretty quickly.

Here’s some of my favorites from Macarons & Mimosas

Looking to brand your business or blog, and love the Macarons & Mimosas style and aesthetic, head over to their shop and pick out your new logo and more.

Love, TL Hayden