Boost Your Search Engine Optimization With These Ladies

Boost Your Search Engine Optimization With These Ladies
boost your SEO

As a web designer and business consultant, I often get asked by others how can they boost their S.E.O. or get found on google, stat. Although I’m always open to share tips on what I’ve learned I’m no expert on S.E.O. by no means. I just started getting into blogging around 2 years ago after a need of wanting to bring in income in my sleep and not have to sit at the computer all day designing websites and stationery or answering client questions over the phone for hours.

Having 2 kids has forced me to streamline my business and add new sources of income. Blogging is one of them and I love it. It has allowed me to bring in income through affiliate marketing, royalties from graphic design work, and paid posts and advertisement. Although I am fairly new, I can tell you that seeing results of building your SEO takes time (like from 6 months to even a year). Why, because after you’ve made all your changes, added key words, pinned your posts, created back-links, created cover images, added short descriptions to your images, etc, you have to wait for search engines like google to finally grab on to your content for others to find. So be PATIENT AND CONSISTENT with what you post and how you post.

When I’m in need of a little SEO help and could use some tips, there are a few other experts and bloggers that I look to. I’ve put their tips to good use just by reading their blogs but some of them offer services, courses, and e-books as well.

Here’s a round up of my favorite strategists on SEO.

Hopefully some of their suggestions and services can help you increase your website traffic and following💕 

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Love, TL Hayden