How To Make Passive Income Blogging With Affiliate Marketing

How To Make Passive Income Blogging With Affiliate Marketing

If you're going to blog, you may as well use it to make passive income.  For you bloggers or "wannabe" bloggers who hate to write or swear you can't do it, you can. I promise if you work on it, link to products correctly, you can receive money from your posts over and over again, without having to do much after you write it.

Write on topics you love and products you'd recommend and trust me those coins and dollars can eventually add up. Do you ever wonder how some of your favorite bloggers make money? Well it's because they use affiliate marketing, earning as much as $30,000 a year and more

What is Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate marketing is when you put a link in your blog posts recommending a brand or product to others. When someone clicks on that link and makes a purchase, you get a percentage (according to how much that program would like to offer you). It doesn't matter what niche you're apart of, whether its, fashion, natural hair care, wedding, etc.

There are plenty of brands with affiliate programs you can find to compliment your brand/business.  I'd suggest using the ones whose products you believe in best. Write a post about them or even a blog review, telling why you love them so much and how others can find them.

Usually there is a 30 - 90 day wait period to receive your funds, depending on the program. Why? Because, they'd rather you accumulate a certain amount of money before sending you a check or payment.

Once you set up your account, I recommend you make sure to add as much info as possible including where you want your money to go, Paypal or your bank account.

If you do it in the beginning all you have to do is sit back and wait for the money to be deposited when it's time. If you don't include your deposit info, the money you made will just sit in your affiliate account, and you may forget you even set it up. 

As a graphic designer I've earned money by referring customers, clients, and readers to my favorite shops Zazzle, Creative Market, and more. Usually my referrals are discounts as well.

If you're a wedding blogger or event planner you can post about products and invitations from sites likePaper Source.If you blog about natural hair care perhaps you may want to choose affiliates such asWalmart(click and you'll see a link to their affiliate program all the way at the bottom of their site), Target, or other beauty brands you know. Most big stores will have an affiliate link to apply at the bottom of their website, (and they're  totally free to join).

Here's some of my favorite Affiliate Providers that I use, all who have a bunch of stores listed, just waiting for peeps like you to become affiliates.

  1. Commission Junction
  2. Affiliate Window
  3. Link Share

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