DIY: Make Your Own Logo

DIY: Make Your Own Logo

Finding a logo designer is one of the first things I’d suggest to a business owner, but if you don’t have the funds yet to do so PlaceIt is a great app to use to create your own. It’s great starting point for a new brand and a way to put together a logo quickly when needed. I created the 3 logo designs you see in this post, with the app alone.


PlaceIt has a bunch of templates, fonts, icons, and concepts to choose from for all industries. Once you’re done with your design you can download it for $39.


Here’s a few things I’d suggest you keep in mind. Make sure to jot down the name of the fonts you input within your logo. This is so if you ever want to stay consistent with your branding on flyers and things you’ll know what font’s to use. Plus, when you’re ready to recreate your logo or send it to a designer to do something with it, you’ll know exactly what fonts tell them was used in the making of it.