The Best Hashtags to Use for Valentine’s Day & What Not To Use

The Best Hashtags to Use for Valentine’s Day & What Not To Use
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Hashtags are what help the growth of my instagram and they help my target market find me. Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day! If you plan on posting cool pics centered around the holiday, I’ve got some of the best hashtags for you to use. Here’s what you may not know. During any holiday, Instagram usually blocks hashtags with the holiday name so you can be sure that #valentinesday will more than likely be blocked. If you try to post with this hashtag, you’ll probably get an error on your post and they won’t let your post go through until you remove the hashtag itself.

valentine's day hashtags


Even if the #valentinesday was ok to use I wouldn’t recommend it anyway. Why? Because it’s way too popular and your post would be competing with so many others. Want to show up in some vday hashtag searches and boost your SEO? I recommend to always mix in some hashtags that have between 1000 to 5000k uses.

Here are some relevant VDay hashtags that I will be using and I that you could too! 


Pin the image above to your Pinterest board or copy and the paste the tags below in your notes. I use the Plann app to help me keep my Instagram feed consistent plus it allows me to save all my hashtags in categories.

#Valentines2019 #BeMines #February14 #Feb14 #ThatsLove #ValentinesDaySelfie #HugsAndKisses #LoversDay #SecretAdmirer #BeMyValentine #GalentinesDay #AntiValentine #SingleAwareness #XOXO #WillYouBeMine #SweetHeart #Valentine #Valentines #CandyHearts #SoulMates #LoveIsInTheAir #WillYouBeMyValentine #AllMySingleLadies #InstaLove

Got anymore in mind? Feel free to share!

Want to know what other hashtags I use?

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