She Bold Styled Stock For Your Business

I've mentioned before that I'm a huge fan of styled stock photography. Not every one has the time or budget to take photos for their brand and styled stock images takes the hassle out of all of that. As a work from home mother who doesn't have babysitters on hand, styled stock has helped polish my business a lot. I had my website up in days thanks to great styled stock photographers.


Today, meet Jasmine Hunt of She Bold. She offers great feminine imagery and you can snatch up her pics at a rate of $5 per photo or just join her membership club. One major gap that Jasmine has filled, is styled stock for women of color. Years ago, I hated that I couldn't find pics with African American hands typing away on a computer in a lovely setting. I was so so annoyed. But now that problem no longer exists. Here's a few of my favorite images below and the link to her shop and blog.