I’m in love with Beauty Bakerie’s entire brand from the look to the sweet packaging. They are also another brand on my Christmas list. Hopefully, the hubs is reading this because I’d like a few of their treats in my stocking.


Illustration by my girl Fisayo of LoveohLou.com

Beauty Bakerie is a banging black owned business founded by Cashmere Nicole, another plus in my book, because I’m always down to shop for the culture. She has survived many setbacks before getting to where she is now and a total inspiration to not give up. She’s a breast cancer survivor and a single mother.

I don’t even wear makeup like that, but when I see cool packaging, I swear it makes me want to purchase it, whether I’m going to use it or not. To be honest tho, their lip whip gloss and cake mix foundation is what had me at hello.

beauty bakerie

So, here’s another cool brand to love and support during the holidays. Treat yourself or gift to a friend or family member. I’ve got a couple of make up lovers and make up artists on my list who I know I could snag a few things for.

You can shop on line for Beauty Bakerie or find them at Sephora. Take a look!

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Love, TL Hayden