BossLife: Are You Blogging Right

BossLife: Are You Blogging Right

If you're a blogger chances are you like to write or want to help others with your knowledge of certain topics.

That's awesome, but are you blogging right or just blogging. If you want to use your blog as part of your business you can bring in passive income just by offering your tips, suggestions, and things you love.


First of all, it's best to blog on topics you consider yourself an expert at.

There may be others who know more than you out there, but that doesn't mean you can't share your own opinions. Trust me, there's someone out there who'd rather learn from you and get inspired just because they like your personality, vibe or style better than the next girl with 11K followers. I hated blogging in the beginning. It took some time for me to find my voice and actually sit down and write posts. I also did not realize just how much blogging can boost your websites search engine optimization ( meaning raise the awareness of your site in search engines like Google)


Second, don't blog just to blog.

Make sure you stay consistent with your topics, so that readers continue to come back. They are more inclined to stick with you because they know what they are getting from you and where to go when they need help. Example, you may consider yourself a fashionista so you blog about fashion and makeup. Don't wake up one day and blog about a party you went to and how you helped decorate it. Or post a review about a restaurant you just visited without sharing what you wore/your look for that day. Doing so can completely throw readers off and can make them un-follow because you're too confusing. Same as with Instagram when we tend to over-share, but that's another post.


Third, It doesn't stop there, you need to monetize your blog (in order to make money), otherwise you're just blogging for a hobby. 

Once you monetize it, promote the heck out of it via your social networks. Here's some tips below:

1. Join affiliate programs! This is how you'll get commission off the people who click on your links of the things you love, purchased, or swear by. If they click on the link there is a tracking cookie that stays on their browser for at least 30 days. If they purchase that product or even something from that store you'll get a commission. The money can get sent straight to your bank or by check to your home once you accumulate as much as $20 or more. It depends on the program. Trust me this revenue can add up if you promote your blog well plus you'll be making money in your sleep. Join a few affiliate websites and then sign up to the different shops they host. For instance, I only mainly shop from Forever 21, Macys, Target, Asos, and Carters for my kids. Each one of these stores is part of an affiliate site. So if I was a style blogger, I'd shop from them and then write posts around those items to encourage others to shop from them too.

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2. Try to write a blog post at least once a week. This is so readers don't forget about you. Remember you want to keep them coming back.

3. On social media, try to post everyday, at least once a day around the same time! Stay consistent. This helps with your brand awareness and also keeps them from forgetting about you. Don't post just to post on social networks either. Especially on Instagram... Make sure your post embodies your brand and tells a story (this is called micro-blogging) otherwise people will not follow you if you over share, such as tossing pics up of your kids all the time, or being too salesy (pusing your product too hard, almost each post tells viewers to go buy something). Use your Instagram stories for random pics or videos. Or just create a personal account and a separate business account.

2. Need blog content examples? Don't be boring, try different kinds of posts. You can do a product review, a round up of different products you fave, a gift guide, a tutorial, a get the look post, or offer a giveaway or freebie. Just make sure whatever you post about embodies your business.

3. Put a subscription form and/or popup on your blog with a powerful headline, so that readers can sign up for updates. This way, whenever you write a post, do a giveway, want to promote a new product or class, you can send out an enews that matches your brand. This keeps you in communication with who is really following you and you can keep them updated about your business without sending them a regular basic looking email (step your business game up, okay). You can use sites like Mailchimp to send them emails.

4. Make sure your website link is in the profiles of all your social feeds. Make sure your descriptions/bio tell them exactly what it is you do. If you have more than one link such as a you tube and a blog or a shop, switch up the links in your profile from time to time on Instagram. I do this when I have a new product to promote or when there's a new post on my blog. We live in a world where people want to get straight to the point and get to things much faster than usual.

7. Add your posts to Pinterest or use Pinterest to gain followers/readers! Pinterest and Instagram are the top social networks to use to promote anything these days. People love pictures. Design a featured image to go with your blog post and pin it to pinterest. Such as the image I used for this post at the very top. After you pin it, repin that same pin to other boards of yours that fit it. If you wrote a post around different products, pin images of them to your pinterest too. Find the product images from their respective websites. Make sure to link the images up to your affiliate links on pinterest. If you have no affiliate link for the image make sure to put the actual blog link of your post. Add a Pinit button to your website so that others can pin your posts or pics to their own pin boards too for more exposure.

Love, TL Hayden