How To Attract The Ideal Client

Growing your client base does not have to be hard. Just put thought into exactly who your dream clients are. Here’s a few tips on how to attract your dream client.


What kind of individuals do you enjoy working with. Consider your recent customers – were there any commonalities worth considering. Most websites and social networks include “Google Analytics” or some type of tracking to show you where your readers are located and how they found you. Use this information to your advantage.

Your Online Presence

As we all know, most interaction happens online. Make sure your home-base (website) is up and running, and engaging your audience. You will need something that clients and potential clients can always come back to. Just like an office in the real world, your website and/or blog serves the same purpose, only its online. Once the website is up, create an opt-in landing page giving them the ability to provide an email address for a follow-up. Offer a freebie or discount they may feel more compelled to do so.

Social Networking

After you establish your target begin interacting with them. The only way to attract them is by showing a commitment in meeting their needs. Social networking gives you the capability to reach people in greater numbers than you could be able to in an hour, face to face. When I mention social media to clients they tend to cringe. Either they feel they don’t have the time or just don’t want to deal with any part of it. I’m going to be honest. If you’re not ready to put yourself out there, then you’re not ready to grow a successful business. Online communication is here and it’s not going anywhere. You need to be knowledgeable at the least, and make it work for you. In order to attract and keep clients you must have the ability to interact with them daily.
Try not to be so hard on yourself when posting. Be yourself and let your personality show. Figure out how to have fun with it. Most people love vibrant images, motivation, and inspiration, and getting to know you.


Take a breath. You don’t have to be an expert to boost your website and business online. Just be sure your images; blog post, and web pages have great titles, descriptions, keywords, and tags that are relevant to your audience. Doing so, will boost you up on search engines and they’ll eventually find you! This is called Search Engine Optimization.


Be sure to post great content. Be passionate about what you do. That passion will then flow into the hearts of your ideal customers. Become an expert at serving them. Make them fall in love.When you find a good catch, make conversation. Respond to their comments, tell them thank you, keep them hooked. When their hooked, they’ll start telling people all about you. Post videos! This is another quick way to reach people. Do a video for You Tube, showing off your products or a video giving helpful information. If you’re not ready for the camera, take advantage of audio by doing podcast and live hangouts through Google.

Believe in You

Consider the Laws of Attraction within your business. Believe in yourself and be confident at what you’re doing. When you put in good energy, good energy comes out. When you’re happy you make others happy too. If you post online every other day just to say you did it, you’re going to get half results. Imagine what would happen if you really tried.

Join groups and communities both on and offline. Center yourself around the people you want to do business with.
Once you get into the habit of interacting and truly caring about your ideal clients, your client base will grow.

Love, TL Hayden