Girl & Goals is a lifestyle accessory brand and blog for ambitious ladies, female entrepreneurs, and creatives


The girl behind it all…

While working as a freelance graphic designer for entrepreneurs, Girl & Goals’ Founder, TL Hayden, felt there was a need for girls working towards their dreams to stay motivated and confident in who they are.

“We live in a world where there are new modern day careers. Not everyone is a doctor, lawyer, teacher, etc. Today, it’s possible to create your own dream job if it doesn’t exist. People are making a living and building empires as bloggers, vloggers, social media influencers, handmakers, and more. I want every one, especially females who are entrepreneurs to own who they are, no matter what industry they are in, and regardless if some don’t understand what they do.


aside from girl & goals…

TL Hayden continues to help other women, especially mothers, jump-start their own business or re-brand themselves, by giving them a more professional look and mindset.

“I can relate to them. It’s also something about helping mother’s who want to follow their dreams while managing their family. Plus… they don’t mind sometimes hearing my kids voices in the background when we chat and I don’t mind hearing theirs:-).”